19 Annual Cambridge Reformed Bible Conference

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Theme: The Perseverance of the Saints

Event Date: April 1-2, 2016


  • Session 1: Session 1 Friday 8:00 pm The Nature of Perseverance
  • Session 2: Session 2 Saturday 9:30 am Objections to the Doctrine of Perseverance
  • Session 3: Session 3 Saturday 11:15 am Proof of the Doctrine of Perseverance

Location: Calvary Pentecostal Church

Address: 127 Hespeler Rd., (HWY 24) Cambridge, Ontario

Speaker: Rev Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips is the Bible teacher of the God’s Living broadcast, an Alliance Council Member, and chair of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. Rev. Phillips is senior minister of Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C.. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan, a master of business administration degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and a master of divinity degree at Westminster Theological Seminary. Prior to entering the ministry, he commanded tank units as an officer in the U.S. Army and later served as an assistant professor of leadership at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Rev. Phillips is the author of numerous books, including Hebrews (part of the Reformed Expository Commentary series) and Holding Hands, Holding Hearts: Recovering a Biblical View of Christian Dating, co-written with his wife, Sharon. The Phillips family live in Greenville, S.C., with their five children, Hannah, Matthew, Jonathan, Helen, and Lydia. Among the numerous books available for purchase online are: Holding Hands, Holding Hearts Hebrews Reformed Expository Commentary Walking With God: Learning Discipleship in the Psalms Dr. Phillips has also been among the featured speakers at PCRT including PCRT 2006: The Doctrines of Grace as well as PCRT 2003: Christ and His Church.

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